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The Business Award Goes 2 T.I

Diva4real's picture
on October 7, 2010 - 8:57pm

T.I I'm just so lost for words to see a young black man doing it the way you do. Rapping, acting and now I read in the Sister 2 Sister magazine a clothing line AKOO fall/winter line and signed on with Remy (Martin) as a brand consultant. That right there is wuz up. I cannot be like sum of the people that are bold to get on your site and hate, but I can be the one to congratulate you on the big moves that you’re making for yourself and your fam...... Shit I can go on and on but I'm a true fan and just want to give props were the props are do. Keep it pimpin and keep on being the strong black man that you have been. Remember even though you fall, getting back up again is want makes you the man!!! Diva4Real is 100% your biggest fans!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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