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can't use Websites for Alibi and mad now!

Delance's picture
on July 28, 2010 - 11:09am

 They bullcrap man made its probably the reason the mad!Employees of the Emergency response Providers, Critical Infratsructure, Appropriate Congressional Committee, Media Conatacts and lists (Except me and barack Obama and Me and Mines)the statute of limitation is tolled including to prosecute your family and friends-girlfriends-boyfriends-children-and etc...My cable is disconnected!(smiling an dlaughing!!!)Its been disconnected for months!(smiling and laughing!!!)they asses wasn't nice notr legit concealing crimes ranging from state to Federal felony crimes to Terrorism against innocent people.They can't even use grandhustle webiste!They damn show mad!(smiling and laughing!!!)If I didn't have a illegal felony on my record one of my charges against them probably wouldn't be Deprivation of Relief Benefits!(smiling and laughing!!!)

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