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Congradualtions' on the Marriage Mrs. Harris!(smiling and laughing!!!)

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on August 2, 2010 - 6:41pm

Thank God first and foremost!The strong pitch is for Macon,Ga their the only ones facing any State and Federal Charges due to testiomony immunity and other types of immunity!They also failed to investigate any accusations from 2007 until now which all on the Emergency Management, Emergency Response Providers and their employees and others . What!I'm nobody's fool nor dummy to do their job is Terrorism.I'm not licensed yet I don't go to college until and I didn't ever say publicily I would do it myself, so much for they muthafuckin minds games . They seen and read every computer comment from 20o7 until which is the reason I am stress free and worry free!Its your wedding vacation so that's enough!(smiling and laughing!!!) They failed in numerous of areas !The following and marking my step's , trying to set me up with whores/informants because I'm a heterosexual!Mad because President Barack Obama for has National Homeland Security and Emergency Response providers working the case with mines!They still pissed over President Bush /Republican fall!(smiling and laughing!!!) Virtous Wives -husband-children don't worship Satan nor promote injustice nor make false accusations against innocennt people !They can't ever get on my level!(smiling and laughing!!!)The fact I /We have paper documentation to prove their lying beyond a reasonable doubt make them look insane calling me insane and thinking I'm stressing and worrying!They're not God !I also have a whole lot of family member's that say's and can prove different besides the deadbeat father side of the family and children!


Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

  • General Public 1.Citizens/The People Local Government 1.County 2.Municipality 4.Town 5.Township 6.Local Public Authority 7.School District 8.Intrastate District 9.Counsel of Governments Emeregncy Response Providers 1.Federal 2.State 3.Local Emergency Public Safety 4.Law Enforcement 5.Emergency Response 6.Emergency Medical Appropriate Congressional Committee 1.Any committee of the House of Representatives or the Senate having legislative or oversight jurisdiction under the Rules of the House of Representatives or the Senate, respectively, over the matter concerned. Critical Infrastructure 1.Paid Attorneys' 2.Court Appointed Attorneys President Me and Barack Obama whome theses idiots are committing Treason against without a doubt! Media Contacts and Lists 1.Media 2.Partners and Shareholder 3.General Public 4.City Officials 5.Elected Officials 6.Business Community 7.first Responders 8.Volunteer Groups I running around town saying they got the money and I'm broke!Its theft by conversion committed by government employees and officers, Bribery and etc... which has no Statute of Limitation to Prosecute and Sue! Public Computer Access Places Party to the Crime/Conspirators/Fugitives Fleeing From Justice 1.Mercer Law Library adminstration-staff and faculty-students 2.Washington Library 3.Central Gerogia Technical College adminstration-staff and faculty-students 4.Macon State College and SAABS adminstration-staff and faculty-students 5.Department of Labor adminstration-staff and faculty 6.Bibb County L.E.C. Deputies 7Goodwill across from Macon State College except for Marie Neal They will have to explain how students received the information. The possible way they are related to Emergency Response Providers ,Critical Infrastructure, or Informants'! High School 1. Jeral Scott 2.Carlton 3.RED 4.Yolissa a.k.a. Yo-Yo 5.Cherice6. 6.Nicey after 1999 incident we stop hanging out together except for me and Rel until the bastard snitched on me and I wasn't doing nothing on March ,2000.Woodcreek Apartment Community building 509-510 and Macon City Bus drivers talk to much its immediate knowledge its called sight and heard at the same time!(smiling and laughing!!!)

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congrats t.i && tiny:]