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dj e-fyi practicing on the 1z an 2z! 0 n/a
do niego, mimo tego wczesniej poszedl odreagowac (kulturalnie) na spotkanie WKS, 0 n/a
Do you ever imagine T.I in Africa? 0 n/a
Family is like a marriage!Its not ever just about individual !Keep God First! 0 n/a
Flush Mount Ceiling Fan 0 n/a
Fuck em for trying to set Obama and mines up for failure!Macon,Ga/Middle wire tapp can't pay 0 n/a
Fugitives Under Oath to defend Constitution are funny! 0 n/a
Futon Soffas Tips 0 n/a
Game Over!!! 3
gay or bisexual males or females 1
God and I set up Macon,Ga!We don't falsely accuse other people like them!Its Over! 0 n/a
God will take you through hell... 0 n/a
Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!! 4
Happy Birthday "King Uncaged " 1
has TIP chosen people for the sighned book yet? 0 n/a
Hattas tried to set me/mines up,but walked into their own trap!(smiling and laughing!!!) 1
have a great christmas T.I.P !!!! 1
Hello, This Convo Is 4 You! 0 n/a
Here's who took care of Me and damn Macon,Georgia promoting Injustice asses! 0 n/a
HOT New Song called Work that Bodyy!! GIVE ME YALL FEED BACK 0 n/a
How do you guys feel about Tiny and TI getting married? 0 n/a
How To Choose A Web boniface 0 n/a
How To Choose A Web legion 0 n/a
Hows Macon,Georgia unless my boy phone is illegally tapped ?Speculation!When he comes it'll be more! 0 n/a