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God and I set up Macon,Ga!We don't falsely accuse other people like them!Its Over!

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on July 28, 2010 - 9:47am

Note! I will hate to have beat a Emergency Response providers ass for working with general public the ones either related to them , or employed by them, or their family and friends, or party to the crime, or Conspirators to crimes , or Fugitives Fleeing From Justice.Isaiah just enjoys shutting down the bullshit!The wicked and adulterous generation is all my hattas are/is.Bibb County the law enforcement is using gang member informants(mixed of crips-blood-folk-mafia) which are undercover polices-sheriffs to pump ya'll asses up to get destroyed by my Superior the LORD thy God and Jesus is LORD!It's just a fact!(smiling and laughing!!!)Now thats Street gang or oragnization Terrorism !Pleasant Hill Community  and Central HighSchool don't forget just because you're employed by the bastards ya'll still have No Immunity -No Statute of Limitation to Prosecute and Sue!Holla at Bibb County Emergency Response Providers employees in Woodcreek Apartment building 510 and 509-510 residents that support sex offenders not being charged because its them.Its commonsense ,but they're not scarifices just criminal that are being rightfully prosecuted and sued!(smiling and laughing!!!)They can build a daycare at the jail/prison for them and their children.It'll be so cute!(smiling and laughing!!!)The Department of family and Children Services -Medical Center they'll be right there with them.Oh! They're a part of Emeregncy Response Providers and Emergency Management!Terrorism its not my job to their job until I'm licensed and representing my own clients know and understand!(smiling and laughing!!!) The KKK's and House Niggers' is all they is nothing to fear at all!They're illegal and I/We're legal!(smiling and laughing!!!!)They're broke being of theft by conversion by government employees and officer,Bribery, and false Internal Revenues tax returns yearly for about almost fifty years total and still counting!

I already on Monday the information would be leaked through local public computer access such as Central Georgia Technical College.I wasn't doing nothing illegal as usual.The key thing is well its Macon,Georgia Emergency Response Providers ,Critical Infrastructure,Appropriate Congressional Committee, local government, emergency management,media contacts and lists ,gangs and organizations /informants,and etc...Me and Barack Obama and Me and Mines have had no involvment in the criminal activity.I already it couldn't /wasn't none of the websites.The next thing was who would fight against the truth and God.They would without adoubt!God and I already knew!The next thing is the polygraph test two mental problems 2.drug free its what they thought they could trigger but when you're looking at a person , have your ear to the wall so it the bastards in the next apartment room,informant in your classroom,Emergency Response Providers ,Critical Infrastructure,MaconGeorgia Media Contacts and Lists (Except me and Barack Obama and Me and Mines) family and friends-boyfriends-girlfriends-children-employees-informants --socila workers-nurses-and etc... doing the Stalking,Harassment and Communications, Treason on Me and Barack Obama , Terroristic Threats and Acts against Me -My Family -Extended Family-Olgethrope Community,Conspiracies-attempts-solicitations,Sabotage,Deprivation of Relief Benefits,Sexual Abuse of a Minor a Ward of the Court under age 12, Abusing Government Office, Advocating Overthrowment of Government, false accusations against me-My Family-Extended Family-Olgethrope Community,Fradulent Medical records, Medical Malipractice, Bribery,Breach Of Peace, Theft By conversion committed by a government employee and officer, Theft by Conversion committed by government employees and officers involving a ward of the court.I'm blessed to not not have biopolar and Schizophrenia like my mental birth mother Virginia Harris .Its no wonder my great great grandmother Mrs.Mattie M.Gibson a.k.a. my momma and My grandma Mrs.Mattie L.G.Harris a.k.a. my sister raised me.They waited until after my grandma Mrs.Mattie L.Harris a.k.a. my sister died last year in March of 2009 to try and get crunk. Well! I told the older brother Dionea a.Hill it wasn't his grandma Mrs.Mattie L.Harris religion so he could tell his informant in-laws ranging from Cassandra Williams to Alexis Reacock to his sperm donor Milton Hill entire family and friends.I also told him his grandfather  Alex Harris Jr and Grandma Mrs.Mattie L. Harris children and other grandchildren stay ready!I still haven't to many people what I see is a bunch of Cowards-Corruptors and in the end Satan Children!(smiling an dlaughing!!!) Its nothing that informs me that God is in them at all!They're Satan Children!


Congress has the power to"regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States." This is one of the most important powers granted to federal government. It authorizes Congress to regulate : (1) the channels and instrumentalities used in the interstate commerce;(2) persons and articles that move in interstate commerce ;and (3)any commercial activity that has a substatntial effect on interstate commerce ,including activity that takes place entirely within the confines of a single state.

The first category -channels and instrumentalities of interstate commerce -gives Congress regulatory authority over highways ,navigable waters ,bridges,tunnels ,airlines,railroads,trucking concerns,telecommunications networks,and the like.It can regulate anything that has to do with them ,including prohibiting criminal activity on,involving, or against them and outlawing their use for harmful or immoral purposes.

The second category -persons and articles that move in the interstate commerce -has supplied the basis for a large body of federal criminal statutes, such as the Mann Act,which makes it a federal crime to take a minor across state lines to engage in sexual activity ;the National Motor Vehicle Theft Act which makes it a crime to transport stolen vehicles in interstate commerce;and the Federal Kidnapping Act,which makes it a crime to kidnap persons and take them across state lines.It was also instrumental in passage of the Public Accomodations  Act of 1964  and the Fair Housing Law.

The third category enables Congress to regaulte activities that ,while not part of the interstate commerce ,nevertheless have a substantial effect on it. However,unlike the first two , it can only be used to regulate activities that are commerical in nature.Congress , for example , can prescribe  safety standards in the industry, enact minimum wage and hour laws ,adopt crop restriction programs,and establish antitrust laws,because these controls are aimed at economic activity.However,it may not use this category to enact laws that deal with wholly local noncommerical activities like marriage ,divorce,child custody,and doestic violence.Extending federal authority to noncommerical activity that take place entirely within the boundaries of a single state would effectively annihilate federalism.

Commerce Clause Powers
 The Commerce clause gives Congress regulatory authority over three areas:
1.Instrucmentalities and channels used in interstate commerce
2.persons and articles that move in interstate commerce
3.commerical activities that have a substantial effect on interstate commerce.

Hate Speech
Hate speech refers to speech that denigrates ,belittles ,or expresses contempt for others because of their race ,creed ,color,religion,sexual orientalion,or other personal characteristic that makes them vulnerable. Hate speech can provide grounds for arrest  when it is accompanied by threatening gestures,such as burning a cross  in someone's yard with the intent to intimidate them, or when spoken in face -to-face confrontation under circumstances that constitute fighting words , because neither of these categories of speech is protected the First Amendment.

Premature Fears
Speech may nnot be suppressed out of premature fears of what might occur if the speech is allowed.

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