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I'd just say Checkmate !Investigation from 2007 til wher oath and immunity was violated!

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on November 13, 2010 - 7:12pm

 2007 Macon,Ga City Council Meeting's vs. Computer Comments all of which Emergency Response Providers-Critical Infastructure-Citizens/Informants-illegal oral wiretap either way oath and immunity was violated,Terrorism,Fugitives Fleeing from Justice with No Statute of Limiation to Prosecute and Sue them!
Its C.J.Harris and the rest of my family _Exetend feamily-Olgethrope Community not my cousins,brother,mother,uncles,aunts,sister,and etc....!Its Macon,Ga /Middle,Ga from Bryant to Middle Ga/Macon,Ga to gangs and organizations that are trully not with they hirelings !Its not the first degree murder/Genocide charge Macon,Ga is mad about!Its the Sexual Abuse of A Minor A Ward of the Court under age 12 !They mad because I put them together the old and the new!(Smiling and laughing!!!!!)
It wasn't Barack Obama /Eric Holder and legal staff!It was CGTC-Mercer College-Georgia Legal Aid-Transco Plant (Railroad) Attorneys -Court Appointed Attorneys-NAACP and Black Organizations-City,State,federal prosecuting attorneys-and privated attorneys and etc...!It wasn't BET/Rickey Smiley and The Morning Show/Steve Harvey and the crew/Tom Banks and the Morning show/!It was macon,ga /Middle ga Media and general Public/informants ya'll know instead of the money ya'll are party to crime/accessory the fact to Sexual Abuse of a Minor A Ward of the court under age 12 !I don't have any mental problems or drug problem!Its the negatives individuals male-female-children sending their voices through the illegal wiretapp-wire the one that transmitt voices  Macon,ga/Middle Ga called King Babylon and the oppressor(Isaiah 13-14)-Virgin Daughter Babylon(Isaiah 47)-Seeds of falsehood/sorcery(isaiah 57)-individuals that exchanged the truth of God for a lie(Romans 1)
It wasn't Hip-Hop !It was Macon,Ga/Middle ,Ga!It wasn't my family,extended family,Olgethrope Community !It was Macon,Ga/Middle ,Ga!It wasn't Creflo Dollar and mines!It was Bryant and  Macon,Ga /Middle Georgia!It wasn't my fault witnesses/general public-law enforcenment -prosecuting attorney-NAACP and Black Organization-Governmental Agencies-gangs and organizations informants-and other's decieded to break city-state-federal-coprorations law's even to the point of committing Treason by falsely accusing Chief and Commander Barack Obama and Me!It's Macon,Ga/Middle Ga! The FBI put in work over Cam Newton but since 1996 they damn Sexual Abuse of a Minor a ward of the court under age 12 said a 13 year old getting choked in front The Department of family and Children Services by Law enforcement with No probable Cause-No Arrest-Failure of Justice-Conspiracy Against Rights-Assualt-Assaulting my birth mother with no probable cause and calling her niggers checkmate!Terrorism because it would explain why they asses refuses to their job!All of arrests-sentences -convictions are all illegal all the way to my family-extended family-Olgethrope Community!Isaiah 30-31 so I didn't lie!Macon,Ga is lying but they lying is killing them spiritually and physically by the LORD thy God along with getting them sent hell by the LORD thy God!(smiling and laughing!!!!)It's the reason I spend my day's job searching ,reading my bible,praying,minding my own business!Its not my fault the Atlanta,Ga FBI phone number is listed directly up under Macon,Ga FBI number in Macon,Ga YellowPages phonebook!OH!I called both they asses!I don't even get mad about the illegal wiretapp because its not no way to say its not!I'm just saying 11-12-2010 Macon,Ga should have watched Oprah Winfrey because I missed part 1. which would explain the informant/citizen from Berkshire Apartments comment about you're not alone!(smiling and laughing!!!)I've good because the negative things individuals say don't make me or break me!Those false reports-statements/accusations made by witnesses/citizens-law enforcement-prosecuting attorney-governmental agencies-and other's its hurting they asses!City Council Meettings are all recorded and kept for years!(smiling and laughing!!!!!)

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