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I'm a Legit Hustler!

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on July 5, 2011 - 7:40pm

Happy Independence Day! The internet is increasingly being used as a method of communication among criminals as well as ordinary citizens ,making access to e-mail messages and stored electronic communications necessary to fight crime.Access to Stored Communications ,such as e-mail after arrival , voice mail,and text messages ,is regulated by a separate federal statute -Stored Wire and Electronic Communications and Transactional Records Act.Stored Communications are subject to a lower level of protection ,making it easier for law enforcement officials to gain access them. The Wiretal Act Makes illegal for police to intercept wire,electronic,or oral communications with a device unless a judge issues a wiretap order ,there is an emergency ,or a partty to the intercepted communication consents.Fourth Amendment requirements for a conventional search warrant.The decision to apply for an interception order must be approved by a designated high -ranking prosecutorial official.Orders are available only for the investigation of serious crimes such as Espionage,Sabotage ,Treason,Kidnapping,Extortion,Murder,Robbery,Counterfeiting,and Dealing Drugs.There are restrictions on the use and disclosure of information obtained under an interception order.The information may only be used for law enforcement purposes and may be disclosed only to another law enforcement officer when appropriate to the other's duties or when giving testimony in court.The Sixth Amendment guarantees right to an impartial jury,but impartiality is also an ingredient of due process of law and applies in bench trials as well.There are many potentially biasing influences .The trier of fact(the judge or jury)may harbor racial or religious prejudice against the defendant;they may stand ,in some way ,from his conviction ;they may have past ties that cause them to believe the defendant is capable of diabolical deeds ;or they may harbor animosity toward the defendants because of things they have heard or read about the case.Each of these influences can be corrupting.An obviously biasing influencing exists when the judge or a juror has a financial stake in the outcome.In Tumey v.Ohio,the Supreme Court set aside a conviction because levied against persons found guilty ,rather than out of the general funds ,which is the normal way judges are compensated .This method of compensation created an incentive way to resolve doubtful cases in favor of fee -generating guilty verdicts. Requirements for Appearance Evidence The most common procedures involving appearance evidence are: 1.Station House Line Ups! 2.Show up Identifications at the crime scene! 3.Photographing,measuring,finger-printing,and taking handwriting and voice exemplars;and 4.field sobriety tests! Becuase a person 's physical appearance ,fingerprints ,foot prints,handwriting,voice ,body coordination,and manner of walking are outwardly manifested traits exposed to the public view ,there is no privacy interest in them .As a result,a lawful arrest is the only constitutional requirement necessary to compel participation.Even Miranda Warnings are not required because there is no interrogation. The Speech at Macon Georgia City Council Meetting July 5,2011!I only had five minutes meaning I didn't have a chance to quote the United States of America Constitution They Terrorism and more tails failing to defend violating their Oath,Retaliating Against Victims and Witnesses meaning my family-my extended family-Olgethrope Community-Commander in Chief Barack Obama,but I did get a chance to drop the Capital the Offenses with No Statute of Limitation to prosecute including Kidnapping and Murder.What they want me to Conceal Person From Arrest cause its them !Hell NAHHH! They didn't give a damn about my lil mans' and My Daddy's Little Girls !They didn't give a damn when they was lying on Mrs.Debra Lee, my Hip Hop brother's and sister's by my /our Momma By Jesus is LORD, T.I.,Creflo Dollar,Me,My Family,My Extended Family,Olgethrope Community,Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris a.k.a. my sister by Jesus is LORD,Mrs.Mattie M.Gibson a.k.a. My/our momma by Jesus is LORD,Tammy calhoun and her Children,Bobby Harris ,and more!Keep ya'Head Up!Victims and Witnesses Rights very long way especially with NO Statute of LIMITATION to prosecute!

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