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Its Over!Macon,GA bullshit !Me and Mines and Me and Obama not involved in they illegal activity!

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on July 28, 2010 - 10:34am

First Amendment Protection for a Speakers Message!

Police may not arrest people solely for what they say or for the language they use to say it unless their speech lacks First Amendment protection. The following speech categories have been excluded from the realm of protected speech.
1. Obscenity-Obscenity efers to materials that appeal to prurient interests, depict,hard-core sexual acts in a patently offensive manner,and lack serious literary ,artictic ,political ,scientific,or other value.Police officers are not allowed to make this decision;it must be made by a judge.Materials suspected of being obscene may not be seized unless a judge has issued a search warrant.

2.Child pornography-Child pornography refers to materials that visually depict real children engaged in sexual acts.In order to protect children from exploitation,states amy outlaw production and distribution of child pornography, without regard to whether the materials are obscene under the Miller standard.

3.fighting words-Fighting words are derogatory or abusive remarks spoken to another in a face-to-face encounter under circumstances likely to provoke the other into making an immediate violent response.The fighting words exclusion has a narrow application when the target of verbal abuse is trained police officer.

4.Threats -A threat , for purposes of the First Amendment, requires communication of a serious expression of intent to commit an act of unlawful violence.
5.Incitement to riot-Speech advocating violence or other unlawful action ceases to be protected by the First Amendment  only if the speech is both directed toward inciting imminent lawless action and is likely to produce such action.Ahosttile recetion does not furnish grounds for arresting individuals engaged in orderly protect.



Just to name a few of the federal charges !Department of Family and Children Services, Medical Center, Emergency Response providers ,Critical Infrastructure, Apporpraite Congressional Committee, local government, Transco Plant a.k.a. Georgia Southern Railway-Norfolk Railway-Flordia Railway CEos and their attorneys., Deadbeatfathers and their entire family and friends.

Part A-Offenses Against the Person

1. Homicide

2. Assault

3. Criminal Sexual Abuse

4. Kidnapping, Abduction, or Unlawful Restraint

5. Air Piracy and Offenses Against Mass Transportation Systems

6. Threatening or Harassing Communications, Stalking, and Domestic Violence

Part B-Basic Economic Offenses

1. Theft, Embezzlement, Receipt of Stolen Property, Property Destruction, and Offenses Involving Fraud or Deceit

2. Burglary and Trespass

3. Robbery, Extortion, and Blackmail

4. Commercial Bribery and Kickbacks

5. Counterfeiting and Infringement of Copyright or Trademark


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