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Its Over!(smiling and laughing!!!)Congradulations on the Marriage!

Delance's picture
on August 10, 2010 - 2:42pm

I mean after the bullshit!i felt it was best I go ahead and let em know!I don't get emotional ,but your fake ass wannabe cousins mad with Olive Garden. The illegal wire tapp and sending bullshit to 106 and Parks through cybercrimes/conspiracies-attempts-solicitaions/and etc... Diontea A.Hill so called wife let it out after calling out her damn cousin that's a informant.He'll just watch as they go to jail-die-and hell!(smiling and laughing!!!!) I enjoy fucking up they false prophecy about doing it myself!I didn't feed that bullshit to none of mines at all! When they say to Uncle or Daddy or Cousin or Brother or Husband you didn't do it yourself ?I can say No! How about you?  I mean before lying on people and trying to say they informants with them just make sure!They are not  fuckin around with a Hit em up God fearing man like myself!(smiling and laughing!!!!) Its funny ! Miikkie and lil'kim hopefully they'll both let it go!They already have its just media!

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