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Now he wants sex after breaking my trust.annoying

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on July 27, 2010 - 5:33am

frank was my guy for 4years and start sth else on the side with another chick 2yrs later, then that chick decided to kip his child after slipping with him for the first time,and she loves him. as for him he cant say who is who where. now he is back with how much he wants me, esp sex. wat is really wrong with him. his sex was good but i believe in sex with feelings is much more fullfiling to ladies. guys can do one night stand women if they repeat the guy thrice there are emotions involved

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gurl been there u talkin to a brutha that has been in that position my boyfriend ask me for sex after goin out havein sex wit my friend gurl hit me up im here for u.

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i want a guy who will treat me well. like T.I once said "if she leaves she would be back for there is no other man who is gonna treat you like that" lots of love to the King