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Pledge Allegiance To Swag

MasterBeta's picture
on September 1, 2010 - 11:48pm

Let's be honest, and if you are a real fan if T.I. you can't honestly say that this new song that dropped today was a good song. For one he is talking about swag, it's 2010 and he is rapping about swag. Tip do you remember the song Swagger Like Us? That was back in 2008ish and now it is 2010 and you are still talking about the same exact subject? GTFOH, My favorite album is Trap Muzik but my favorite song is "Dopr Boyz In The Trap"  off the album "I'm Serious". Every album after Trap Muzik has sounded the same, and that shows that Tip hasn't shown any growth as an artist. Yeah maybe his bank account has grown significantly, but he hasnt dropped anything that make his fans want to do better so if you think about it Tip is "piss poor morally". In the words of Lauryn Hill "Music is suppose to inspire" so i figure what Tip is trying to say is get your swag up people. I WILL NOT EVEN GET A PIRATED COPY OF KING UNCAGED WHEN IT COMES OUT. Is it safe to say that TI  is washed up? Well if the music he putting is what we are to go by then i say yes TI is washed up!!

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