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T.I. isn't under Oath to defend United states Constitution!Macon Georgia still on Breach of Peace!

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on July 7, 2011 - 1:57pm

Macon Georgia -State of Georgia -National(Except Me and Commander in Chief Barack Obama) -Macon Georgia Citizens have all broke the United States of America Constitution !They thought I was lying about having mailed out all appearance evidence during Republican President Bush term 2000-2008 too Creflo Dollar Ministeries,Hip Hop,BET Network, Washington D.C. Department of Justice -Civil Rights Division-and more, and more!How in the world did they actually think i would not say and do nothing about their criminal activity!The Judicial Branch-Legislature Branch-Executive Branch(Except Me and Commander Chief Barack Obama) have not violated our oath of Defending The United States of America Constitution the law enforcement,prosecuting attorney,and governmental agency have and are also not defending the United States of America Constitution and State of Georgia Constitution the State on which the crimes are currently occurring because they Murdered a United States Veteran on August 25,1965 ,Committed a crime Against a United States Veteran on Sept 2, 1965, Retaliating Against Victims and Witnesses since 1965, Sexually abused a minor a ward of the court under age 12 in 1988-1989, Kidnapping of a minor a ward of the court since 1999 too 2011 ,Violating Child Victim and Child Witnesses Rights since 1988-1989,Breach of Peace since 1965 too now, Aggravated Assualt on a Mentally ill woman the daughter of the United States of America Veteran they murder in June of 1996 crime committed by the State of georgia Macon Police Department and The Department of family and Children Services which I witnesses at the age of 13 years old and was assulted by  States of Georgia Macon Police Department, currently Stalking -Harassment and Communication the Emergency Response providers -Critical Infastructure thought their family and freinds-Interns-partners and Stakholders would intimidate me but The United States of America Court has to automatically pick up the charges Except Against Me-My Family-My Extended family from Olgethrope Community!

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