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yeaisaiditandwhat's picture
on March 16, 2011 - 9:34am

Hello to you all. For whatever reason I have received unwanted email and or contact from females on this site, seeking either friendship and in one case a relationship. I am female,however I do like nor want any relationship period with ANY females.. I am not seeking friendship and just found out how to turn off email. I joined this site because I am a fan of T.I. PERIOD!!!!! So please stop with the unwanted contact or your asses will get cuss the hell out!!!!!!! This is not facebook or twitter. If you are searching for love,you doing it in the wrong place. If you carry a virus and want to spread it from this site shame on you and you my dears are ignorant.... I don't care to know any of you on a personal level. Only in the words you type on any msg posted by T.I. do I give my attention,that's where I am interested in your thoughts.... So once again BACK THE F%$@ UP!!!!!!!!! DID YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?????

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