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What!(smiling and laughingh!!!)

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on October 12, 2010 - 8:01pm

NOTE: Me and Barack Obama ,Eric Holder are not involved in any the criminal activity!




I know you already know your phone -and illegally tapped by the FBI.FBI is a party to the crime of Sexual Abuse of a Minor a ward of the court under age 12 from 1988-1989-False and fabricated statments-fradulent medical records-medical malipractice-law enforcement/violation of oath and immunity/Party to crime-legislature,judicial,executive branch (Except Me and Barack Obama)-and etc... its nothing racial!The NAACP and Black Organizations are a party to the crime .I knew apparently I had to have been followed the last time i came to Grandhustle Ent. I thank God for my Hip-Hop (brothers') and sisters'(females)  and everything that came with them!I 'm also thankful for my cousins within Hip-Hop nothing gang related!I can't quite ! I peeped out Satan game plan by the grace of God!I dropped the evil congregation!I dropped so called neighbors!I dropped the local NAACP!I dropped the general public gossip from you haven't seen T.I., Creflo Dollar, BET/106 and parks -supposely T.v. was suppose to run me crazy, my ex elementray school teacher at mercer law college library with her husband talking its BET due to the misinformation from law enforcement husband,he just hang around people wit money,but the truth is I just hang around informants and I chill with everybody that ain't informants ,got something going for themselves graduating from Highschool-College,drug free, keeping God first , not in no gang nor organization a.k.a. black kkk,not selling drugs, practing sex free or waiting until marriage,and etc...!I'm a graduate from Harvard law College with my license to practice law and be a judge!I'm only out to please the LORD thy God and Jesus is LORD by two best friends!I have fun laughing at the Breach of Peace /Terrorism/Genocide and Treason (for fucking with Me and Barack Obama)!Family-Extended family/Olgethrope Community don't fight ,we keep God first!I'm mean I haven't meant a parent yet that were friends with their children!I encourage all of mines to graduate from Highschool!I have a GED! I probably didn't graduate from highschool but I did keep God first and get my GED!Practice what you preach! I dropped all of my so-called friends /assocaites because they were all going nowhere their path was leading to jail-death-hell-repeating the cycle-from a man stand point having a child out of wedlock and leaving a young woman to be a father or not partake in the child life!I got more into the word of God, praying,looking at what I needed to do and good hearted people that were willing to help me make it happened!I mean after while comming from where I'm comming from!I watch God defeat Satan daily for trying me!I good as long as I got the God !I looked my family-extended family/olgethrope community neither are the LORD thy God ,neither has power like the LORD thy God,neither created the heavens and the earth,nor does God teach exchanging the truth of God for a lie-injustice-letting woman run the household within a marriage ,nor beating on females, and etc...!I hope this shit is a joke like the Lebron momma joke!(smiling and laughing!!!)Your ass better be playing because I'm need ya to write some tracks for me!Macon,Ga females shouldn't have tried destroying BET/106andParks,My family-Extended Family/Olgethrope Community,disrespecting the fact I sent did some for Creflo Dollars  and Tha pastors all legal and all godly in 2008,they my rib witch God didn't make you for me a.k.a.Alex D.Harris because I not flesh checkmate and God is in me ;God is a spirit of truth and those who worshipp God must God in truth and in spirit;nor whorish ass evil congregation members with they Queen Babylon Grandma to momma the daughters get it from they momma along with they sons getting from they daddys a.k.a. King Babylon and the oppressors not to mention they are employed by macon,ga/middle ga -State-National (Except me and Barack Obama)local government-emergency response providers-critical infrastructure-appropriate congressional committee,past presidents (Except Me and Barack Obama) -to general public to their partners and shareholders!OH!Isaiah is right about Pharaoh and his army too bad Mercer law library admin.-staff and faculty -students against the LORD thy God ,Jesus is LORD, and me with its U.S.Attorney-District Attorney-Prosecuting Attorney-City Attorney-Court Appointed Attornet-Georgia legal Aid with its other anti-christ partners in crimes sorcery/witchcraft/  witness tampering/criminal defamation/and etc...!How did not investigating nor making a arrest because they're the defendants and witness tampering all the way to committing Treason !I got a physic for you its called ya'll broke legal and violated your immunity and oath need to find those documents to Sexual Abuse of a Minor a ward of the court under age 12 the victim between the ages of 5 and 6 year old!Victim name Alex Delance Antwain Harris!Victim was in the Local-State-National Homeland Security custody of Emergency Response Providers and Critical Infrastructure making all informants against him -all sentences and convictions  all false and illega and incompetent attorney!The Deadbeat father asked the same  unknown black social worker that left me with the unknown white male.He was telling her he's going to have mental problems nahh nigga its not Child Abuse  but its Sexual Abuse of a Minior a ward of the court under age 12!OH!Don't worry the same false informant that made the false accusations against Jeezy and Gucci Mane from Zebulon Rd. her sorcery/witchcraft/Satan and his children/Jezebel and their entire family friends didn't work the was employed at CITGO on Zebulon Rd. fake ass crab the only darkskin ugly rat out the three friend crew ,but Bahneedda the ex member from Bryant employed at Bears Den didn't get ya'll nowhere neither did the whores employeed at Captains on Pio NoNo with they mommas or whatever get them nowhere neither did the firefighter and his girlfriend with KEKE (from Sonny Carter Elementary school) ,neither working with the judicial-legislature-law enforcement-prosecuting attorney-governmental agencies-executive branch( except ME AND BARACK OBAMA)didn't get nowhere neither did Al Tillman the President of the local NAACP in 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 did ya'll get the raise damn house niggers /uncle toms /black kkk/antichrist/satan and his children/Cursed by God ITS ALL GOOD BECAUSE PLACING THE STUMBLING BLOCKS IN MY WAY !God moved them out of my way!I don't hangout my birthmother Virginia H.moves every year so called neighbors turned out to be Satan and Children /Cursed by God  for promoting fear of men,injustice,destroying the community and individuals with gangs and organizationals and drugs !I'm a Keep God first and keep moving forward!

My Goals!(2007-2010)

1.Keep god first!

2.Get  GED!

3. Get  Criminal Justice B.S.Degree!

4.Get License to Practice Law to be a judge!(until then continue being the Headlawyer a.k.a. Greatest attorney alive until I become a license judge to practice law!!)

5.Start my own Law Firm and Non-Profit Organization!

6.Book,Movie,abulm,and etc...!

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