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Gwen Udontkno Jones


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Gwen Udontkno Jones
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A King needs a Queen, You know what I mean He protects and she hunts, she give him all that he wants But first she needs to know herself from top to bottom knowin her wealth He the man and she just stand right beside him he's always there to keep her on her toes she will follow wherever he goes they both grow stronger together through rain and shine no matter the weather he roars, she's more humble No matter what, they wont tumble There bond is like glue Knowing oneself..... We Call that AQOO (Original)
United States
Gwen Jones
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Hey Now,
Loving it?
I'm Flexin' as you know is TI new single it's also been released in iTunes (yay). Don't to rate it 5 stars (?????) and leave a wonderful comment. Let's make I'm Flexin' the #1 hip hop song in iTunes.

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promote and devote... Pushing for AQOO... check it BABY.... devoted in everyway do u hear what I say,,, let compliment the times we should all unwine... and give justice to ourselves we can carry this belt... poetry is just like ryms you will see in time,,, You are the man and I just stand, beside u so things can be felt... I am A Queen Of ONSELF..... (Original)... We DONT STAND ALONE (AKOO)

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The only new release to crack the top five is T.I.'s No Mercy, which comes in at #4. The album sold 159,000 .......... Reported by VH1

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@ S.4.G.... lets join together and make the HOOD Rich!!!!!!! I'am always looking forward to GROWTH

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The status to left is there for U so when U,,, Feel troubles are following U and U start to feel some kind of way,, U can Pray, and dont forget to forgive yourself,, Cuz in the end The strong survive and weak will fall.... ANd through Your photos I see strength.... Now lets get up from this fall and bring your all,,, To the TABLE, GWen