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United States


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my name is Lilian,i came across your profile
and i became interested in's my email address
( i will be very glad if you email me
directly through my email address so i can send you my pictures
and tell you more about my self.bye for now
yours new friend Lilian

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Awaiting T.I's next album ' Trouble Man'
T.I. Make that Pop Off still looking foward

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No worries here only deadlines to meet for mixtape release and the up coming of an artist. If you all wanna, give feed back on the date of release. Thanks

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Wow so much can happen in one day,but its the little things that effect you and the one you care about most, I know cuz recently I fouund out the hard way Trust goes a long way.

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I just want to say,Whats happening at the 361 (Corpus Christi) Armada, My mixtape "Of the 361"

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Grand Hustler