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Tyrekk Brooks
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Im 14, born down in East Pittsburgh. Having trouble in trying find a way to start rapping and sports, im sick as life in basbeball and alright in basketball but I need help with my rappin, im good at writin my shit but i want to be better at it. T.I.'s music keeps me thinking bout writing songs. Its effecting me in school, and life in general. My dad abused me and never told me i had 2 other sisters and i had to lie to my 4 brothers moms and i stood up to him. Thought i would feel good but he said the next he sees me hes gonnaknock my teeth out and put me in the hospital, and i hadn't talk to him in over a year. After that i went into high school but i had to deal with racists since the 6th grade when i moved from a mostly black school to a mostly white school. In the middle of my freshman year i almost killed myself doing something stupid, i also ran away but was takin back home. I hurt my mom and didnt feel bad at first but then i thought that her life would be better without me so i was thinking bout suicide and when my mom found out i went to this place for depressed people for a week. I also got a therapist and medicine. I thought it was going to be better soon but i was wrong, people were spreading rumors bout me and i got a few messages that called me " a stupid nigger that almost killed himself". I started thinking bout suicide but i had my bro Kazjur talk me out of it. He started helping me, and i also had good friends stop the rumors. I just got off my medicine and my bro got me out of my shell. I still get shit talked bout me and disrespect but i shut them up cuz im sicked of getting fucked with.Lots of T.I. songs helped me in life (heres some). "Live in the Sky", "Love this Life", "Get Back Up", "Hell of a Life", and "No Mercy". My favorite album is King, and Urban Legend, and the mixtape Forgive Me.
Baseball, basketball, hanging with friends & fam, sleepin, sometimes rapping.
Favorite Bands: 
P$C, G-Unit, The Marley's
United States
Tyrekk Antonio Lucius Brooks
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Been to none lookin to go to one
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No Twitter
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Rap, Reggae, some rock
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