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Happily married to a fly a$$ US ARMY soldier in the 82nd airborne division* we have 3 beautiful children ages 10, 4, n 2.* Born in Long Beach CA* Pursuing my nursing degree* My faith is in GOD and JESUS for whom I know that is the only way to SALVATION, true happiness and to eternal life. PRAY because GOD hears u, ur answers are in GOD's time and not ur's. God is ALWAYS here, he never walks away 4rom us we walk away 4rom him. GIVE YOUR LIFE to GOD cuz we r living in revelation times.
Fort Bragg
United States
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T.I.* Bone Thugs n Harmony


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Sorry if it was to real or mean! rubber band man is street terminology for dope-boy which means drug dealer yes praise jesus for the rubber band man. even better visit the mothers of kids in the ground or in jail because they wanted to be like all the big boyz in the trapz and claim to be hood rich on tv
I am sure all these rapper actors have those mothers support as they have your support.

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PS. yes I am a hater because just as you are a groupie so are young black boys in prisons just like Ti because they thought he was a King too.... but when they break the law no rich white lawyer's coming to there rescue they do twice the amount of time as the "king" minimum no bail money either. I pray you spend as much time making sure your 10 year old is not subjected to such ignorance for record sales as you spend openly jocking a man that has felony weapons charges and drug charges and has no clue who you are and can careless as long as you buy his next cd or one of these $20 t-shirts..... they do not deliver your junk mail to Clifford Joseph Harris Jr...... because just like you there are millions of women that sit around all day thinking about the king.

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Why waste your time with the whole happily married and the family and the worst part the GOD portion and just call your self a single groupie

then your real Soldier unlike a actor/pop singer-rapper, would not be so disrespected....... and again the GOD part...... a married woman seeking another woman's king (lust) that has god all over it..... I bet the "kings" wife thinks as highly of you as you would the Groupies that want to pray for and reach out to your "fly a$$ US ARMY soldier" the difference is unlike Ti in a cell for breaking the law you can not even speak to him but all the chicken heads on the block can simply wave to your soldier and get more communication But hey I am just a reality^guy some should get a grip of it.