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hello there my name is christopher r. miller aka chris aka cmillz i love writing music i write songs i can rap sing and dance. i want to be big someday but with the situation im in i dnt know how tht will happen my grandpa is dead and me and my brother (12) wur liveing with my grandparents every since they took us from our mom and dad since they wur doing drugs we have been liveing with em since i wuz 7and my bro wuz 3 and just recently my grand pa died now we live only with my grand ma and she is disabled and has to use a walker so i feel like i have to be the man of the house since my papa died so i know thru god all things are possiable so if theres nebody out there who wants to give me a shot and show tht i got wut it takes ill rap for ya and sing txt me or call me at 8705307489 my rap name is cmillz the C stands for chris the M means money the I means is the first L means life the second L means long and put the Z on for MILLIONZ hit me up id love to show u wut i got GOD BLESS U
United States
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Rap R&B mostly but i lyk all kinds


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hey sup every body looking for someone to
give me a chance i can rap and sing hit me up wit a
txt @8705307489 holla back