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About Me: 
Whud id do whud id does . dha gov. name bee--> COURTNEY YVONNE DAVIS . i am uh fun lovinq country qhurl who enjoys anythinq and everythinq dhet hax sumn tuh do whidd fun . I am an all around person who ix very friendly and very easy tuh qhed alonq whid. People have told meh dhat dhey thouqht i wux uh mean and stuck up individual, bhud when dhey qhod tuh know meh, dhey thouqht udda wise . Imuh peace lovin person and will try my very best tuh avoid conflict becuz i am uh lovuh and not uh fiqhtah, bhud ad dha same time I will refuse tuh let anyone walk over meh and take advantaqe of me .or take my kindness fah uh weakness . Last bhud not least I am uh qhurl uf my whurd who ix very stronq minded bhud not so muchly opinionated . i speak my mind requardless and will refuse tuh hold my tonque fah any1 and trust meh i don't sugar coat anythinq . eitha yuh can take in2 consideration whud i say r not bhud ad dha end uf dha dhay whud i think ix qoin tuh qhed said no ifx nds r bhudx about it!
South Carolina
United States
Favorite Music: 
Hip Hop / Rap / R&B / Gospel .