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Devione Fatality Barnett
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Devione Q. Barnett, Also Known As "Fatality", 25 year old Arkansas Raised Local Artist...I'm Currently A Upcoming Independent Artist..I'm The Father Of 15 Beautiful Children(8 girls,7 boys), I'm A Convicted Felon With A 20 Year Sentence Over My Head. I'm A Person That Has Became A Man Over The Years, I Learned A Lot From My Mistakes And My Family/Friends Mistakes. I'm Humble And Content With What I Got And The Position That I'm In Right Now. I Have Completely Changed My Life Around, I Come From The Streets(600 Block Of Walls, Blytheville, Arkansas), I Come From The Trap,Now I I'm A Young Man With Faith, I Put It All In God Hands, So Now I'm Doing What He Gave Me The Talent For, And That's Strictly Business/Music...Tune In....Instagram:FatalityArk.....Facebook:Devione Fatality Latest Mixtape Can Be Downloaded From, Type In "RAZORBACK HUSTLE"...It Was Released March 26,2012...My Upcoming Mixtape Is Planning To Be Released Fall 2013 In A MUCH MAJOR WAY, WITH A MORE MAJOR DJ, AND BETTER PRODUCTION, PROFESSIONALLY!!!!#Fatality
Little Rock
Music....Being A Father....Working Out....Smoking Good lol........Being A Leader.....Taking Advice....Networking....
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I Like A Lot Of Variety Of Music....
United States
Devione q Barnett Aka Fatality
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I like The Big Krit And Slim Thug Concert I Attended In Little Rock, Arkansas
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All Varieties
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