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I'm a little country native lady that is here in the support of T.I and his movement.
New Orleans
United States
Daphne Cross
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So many I can't pick one


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mmnh... nice

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wuzzup girl?

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heyy.. you seem really nice.. :) glad you like my T.I drawing. '') xx

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In My Metropolitan Setting
by TazDawriter

In my setting
My metropolitan setting
The setting with
The constant sound of action
I observe
I observe the movement
I note, differences
May it be
Color of meter
In my setting
The center of the city,
The connection to the
The theater to the zoo,
The convention center
Of attractions,
I note
May it be meter or color
Tint or sound
The memorization of
The setting allows
Me to always consider
The metropolitan setting

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Hey Now,
Loving it?
I'm Flexin' as you know is TI new single it's also been released in iTunes (yay). Don't to rate it 5 stars (?????) and leave a wonderful comment. Let's make I'm Flexin' the #1 hip hop song in iTunes.

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Thank$ for your encouraging words blessinggodwin. I'm just here for T.I and his movement, but just keep me and my family in your prayers.

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i don't like you. you talk a lot of shit and aint saying shit. that was good for your city cuz dumb mother fuck*** like you live there. the murda rate was to high, yall wanted to be dead anyway