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i have always love to sing but mostly dance.. i have a 10 year old disabled child that is my light everyday he means the world to me. being a young mother at 15 havin to not know you pregant and haveing the best thing wake up with you.. his name is malaky aka mduece.. ive never done this but my SON out of any rapper alive my son LOVES ti mos def he eats music for breakfast lunch and dinner.. omg but most of it is that my son is the reason i am still living til this day. but as for me im 25 from vegas live in stockton ca. finishing my career is dancing..or modeling but you know its hard being a single mother for 10 years and still not done wats guccii
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I had tips address in prison, but now that he is out, posting comments on his site is the only way I know of keeping in touch with him. He has had a big influence (for the good) on my son too and my son is twenty three now. The only thing I wish I had done differently was I should have been listening at the same time and talking to him about what was good advice when my son was young. I really didn't start listening to his music until he got arrested this last time. Being a mom is just hard period!