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Elice Mitchell


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Elice Mitchell
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United States
Diva Elice
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A King is who he is
for he reigns supreme
in the hip-hop theme
his lyrics are revelations
that take you to life's elevations
his story is a reality
of overcomimg life's adversity
and it puts him at the top
of the game known as hip-hop

A King is what he is
for he is a man of purpose
he has experienced loss
and destroy him it did not
inspired him to get what he's got
a man of privilege and class
but don't try to cross his a$$
for you will feel the curse
of his wrath filled verse
if u battle him you won't win
because he is a King within

A King is why he is
for it is who he was born to be
he explained it in "You Don't Know Me"
His name is T.I
and you will see why
he reigns supreme
with the lyrical theme
because he is THE King
he doesn't require bling
just give him a pen and a pad
LL he will show you who's bad
His name is T I the King
let his freedom ring
from the mountains of Georgia
to the valleys of California
he is the star of our race
no one can take his place
with his awesome style
and perfect smile
we love him we do
T.I. there is none like you

E.D. Mitchell