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I am a very moral, kind and God fearing young lady. But I am not perfect. I try 2 see the light that shines in all of us. I preach and teach Encouragement over Discouragement. I am a lover of Gospel music. However, I appreciate a positive message no matter where it comes from. And T.I. is one of the few artists out there that uses his music to uplift. Still I Stand, Life Is Like a Slideshow, Get Back Up and even Motivation are all positive songs with good messages. I am behid T.I right now bcuz drug addiction is a disease. He should be in rehab like Lyndsey Lohan and not Prison. We need 2 stand behind those with the talent and potential that he has. Turn a negative into a positive. None of us are without sin or mistake. Give him another chance. Because I am sure God has given us all plenty of them.
Benton Harbor
United States
Debbie Allen
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Gospel and Rap From T.I> 2Pac>Kanye>