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Grand Hustle A&R


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Grand Hustle A&R
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Here promoting a Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!!
Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!!
Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!!
United States
Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!!
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Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!!


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How can I send t.i. a beat......

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I know that there's people with skills that never make it. All I'm saying is I'm not trying to be them. So I'm going to continue trying and hope y'all try to listen.

Check Out One of my songs:

Also Visit The Website:

Check Me Out On YouTube:

I'm just an artist with corporate visions...
Thanks For Your Time and the Opportunity

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I show love but love never gets showed to me/
so many consumed by greed and thats not how its supposed to be/
On my knees i bring you my needs searching for the answers/
cuz trying to do it my way just brought me closer to disaster/
I always wanted to be a rapper i think i got the skills to make it/
I think i got the skills to fake it "IF ITS YOUR DREAM...EMBRACE IT"
Dear lord i feel what your saying but look at how many hatin/

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Dear god none of this was meant to happen/
I was dead broke and selling dope was a fast reaction/
I never had intentions of killing my own people/
Just intentions to put myself in the position to live equal/
How was I to know I would ruin so many lives/
and my only lonely reply is I was trying to survive/
Looking back it was stupid and a useless waste of effort/
Can't change my past so I writting this to pass a message/
To today's youth who would rather shoot than live/
In hopes they'll deter from taking and choose to give/ - L.E.

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Check out Mystery from Detroit MI, he was nominated Midwest artist of the year in the Underground Music Awards, opened up for national acts and built a solid fan base. Currently he is the Big Heff Industry Tour and will be doing shows along side Big Seans Finally Famous member Adubb Da Gawd. contact him His video Strength has a 115k views on youtube.

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I know you'll love what hear at:

Check him out and tell me what you think!
He's different, has a very focused approach to music, while putting passion in, I believe, whoops I know, this is what hip hop needs, he just needs that exposure, he already has a fan base and a following, he just needs someone or something take him to the next level. Either way you sign him or someone else will. If you want to contact him:

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To Grand Hustle A&R: What kind of music are you looking for at this moment?

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Say Fam don't have a press kit yet bit if u wound go check me out on reverbanation. Familymuzik318, if it ant what you looking for that's cool just won't some in-put... LO

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word , he sittin right here with me now. He say thanks fam and how can he go about sending a press kit once he uses your advise?

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Blake Keys- Advise, There is a crowd out there for your style of music! Work on the Quality and sound. The hook is catchy but start to play with differnt styles of voices not only on your hooks but during your verses also. With this style of music you dont need original "hook verse hook verse" bridge it out more, throw random breakdowns in as you see musically fit. Dare to be differnt not only lyrically but musically and it will mesh perfectly. Keep doing you
and the haters will come but the fans will come faster! -Peace&StayBlessed-

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Roig 74- Advise, create some tracks outside of the box that he is surrounded in. The realness in the music is always good, but there is alot of real things in a mans life. Stretch out and touch some of those topics to catch more of the listening audience. This guy definitely needs to keep recording music! The talent is there! The feeling is there! "Dont only push harder but push deeper try new things to make yourself more versatile" -Peace&StayBlessed-

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Grand Hustle needs a "White Boy" on the team. I mean a REAL white dude with a REAL story to tell like Kwik Money (Nashville,TN) . dude is dope, he been shot before , killed a dude in self defence, grew up in the streets , lost his dad to an overdose in his teens and has over came so much. Here is a link

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oh yeah my nigga email is , music is all my nigga got . and he super dope and can back up errthang he spit.

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Did you check tht track out? I'm not lying the dude is amazing! Don't miss your chance at the next mega star in hip hop. If you just give him a chance YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Email me at of you like the track or want to hear more music by LANTZ. Thanks, Blake E. Snyder

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If you give them a chance I PROMISE you will not regret it. THERE BOTH AMAZING. they could be the next eminem and dre or the next jayz and just blaze.

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hey, you ABSOLUTELY need to check out this unsigned artist! no bull this dude has potential to be the next mega star in music. His name is LANTZ and the producer is bobby beanz. Both from buffalo, NY. Check out their newest song "spaceship" it has over 5000 listens and views between all websites. heres the youtube link
If that dont work search "LANTZ-spaceship" on youtube. If you like and want to hear more, I manage both the artist and producer email me at