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Hayley Elizabeth


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Hayley Elizabeth
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Giving our Salute to Luxury

Entering Houston once again was comforting;
Warm, relaxing , inviting quite, calm
Yet, another venture regarding business
And an, airport landing
Houston was different
It was one of my favorites to visit
For it was keen in luxury

Cabbing from my hotel was a regretful venture
Of course, but work was calling.
Entering the furniture gallery was a marvelous site to see
The architectural trimmings were hand crafted,
Absolutely tasteful portraits
To salute the designs
Warmly framed, as a polished
Decoration of the esteem work

This particular city had a “nack”
For size conglomerates.
They padded every-square inch of the building structure with;
Luxury barista shop with French coffee and English
Salutes to royal ways of life, recipes in restaurant sized cafés.

Giving our salute to luxury
Is a tasteful venture of itself,
Coming keen in recognition
Of its immense history,
Colossal impressions
Boldness and detail.
Elaborate usage of stating
The importance of each concept
Relaying again and again on conceptual pattern

Luxury, is Texas and every street of Houston , that ever had the pleasures of being traveled, and every gallery it housed

You visit, luxury
You salute history
You yet again
Complete a portrait