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Hector Z


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Hector Z
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I'm a good listener, i love to keep fit and have way too much energy. I love talking to ppl and finding out what they're really like, their experiences, their troubles, especially their stories, i love stories especially funny ones and have them in abundance. I love music and am never far away from listening to music at any given moment, i like to think alot and to improve myself in everyway whether physically or mentally. I'm very competetive and like to try everything. I love to cook. I'm fascinated by science and like to find out how everything works. (JUST ACT LIKE YOU ARE NOOB/NERD). JUST LET PEOPLE SEARCH YOUR PERSONALITY. ARE THERE CAN FIND IT?! (:
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Nice To Meet You,
My name is Miss slyvia koneh, As I whisper my prayer tonight and went into search for a nice friend at I came across your contact,My mind and my heart told me to contact you for friendship, A friend who truly understand his or her friend and share their feelings together. please kindly accept my request, I believe that distance or age can never be a barrier but let's love connect us because love is a bridge that connected far distance to be close to each other, I will send my pictures to you immediately i receive your reply at my email address
yours In Love,

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king happy birthday in the sky lights as i read for you as it went down . thanks show goes on forever an only taking control