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Everyday that I open my eyes and get out of bed is a blessing for me....everyday that I dont smack somebody is a blessing for you.... Hey......Jay Dee here, but known to others as Junetta. You are welcome to come to my page anytime and we can chat a with that being said....look on and stop by and let's build together......This page is all about me or atleast what I want you to know and yes I am All Mixed Up! My emotions rule me 85 percent of the time. I am really working on that. My emotions have made me re-act in ways that I normally wouldn't. Those that know me, know that if I got love for you, I will ride with you to the very end. There is no fakeness in my friendship. If I consider you to be a friend, then you are that and you can depend on me to tell you how I feel, to tell you when I think you're wrong and to also listen when you think I am wrong. I usually don't dislike a person for no reason. If I say that I don't like them, best believe that they have did something to me directly or indirectly to make me feel the way I do. I am a person who holds grudges for a long time. I don't really party much and I would rather spend a quiet night home curled up with my man watching a movie. I am not a party girl. I guess I've out grown that part of my life. I have been in the streets a long time and there is not much that I haven't seen or haven't done. Please don't test me because I have a short fuse. I'm not claiming to be on any kind of level like I see alot of people doing. I don't feel that I am any better than the next man or woman. For everything good I've done, I've done bad also and I have to acknowledge that. I've done things that I am proud of and some that I would just prefer that they be tucked under a rock somewhere, but anything that I did do, I will own up to it. I promise myself that. So, I could go on and on about me, but there is really not enough time in the day to do that. I am a book waiting to be written and I am the author. A few of my pet peeves is people who talk about other people but be all up in they face like they just so close. me a favor, stop being fake....if you don't like someone then don't pretend that you do....I also hate it when men and women talk shit in a safe place like in a letter, over the phone, on the computer or in front of some police but when you actually see that person in person you are quiet as a church mouse....COWARD is what that is called! The final thing that I really think is a turn off....I truely believe that everyone should have great self esteem but when I look and read others headlines on their page or stuff that they typed about themselves, why do I see so many tooting their own horn? For those of you that don't understand what I am talking about...Here goes....when you see females sayin' that they know that they are a bad bitch or get on my level or whatever.....We are all beautiful but your attitude can make you ugly as hell including being conceited!!!! If you read that and you're wondering if I was talking about you, then I probably u still wanna know Jay Dee? Hit me up!!!....
Making ends meet and living my life without a reason for to meet interesting people with great conversation and a love of music.....
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Junetta Dunn
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RnB and Rap
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