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I like all kinds of music but rap is a fav... Eminem and TI are the top 2 on my list.. Though some see me as a normal white kid trying to be someone else.. thats wrong.. Sure I rap and take writing songs along with music seriously. Life gives us many open doors to create and express in an art very awesum. Any body think country music sucks think again.. u have the opinion.. but check out Mr Cowboy Troy he dont play.. And I say hes givin the Nashville era some new genre.. Hes a good artist.. And his music is sr8t to the point.. Mr. TI ... would say my fav rapper alive.. Eminem.. lands at number 2.. Music is the window to the soul no human could fathom.. Keep making hardcore music TI . I never came from some areas in life.. but respect artists who express it and keep movin forward.. ROCK ON...I love No Mercy.. man its hardcore..A future music artist...Mr. Junior Younger aka jdawg
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yous friend Mina