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i am nice looking girl and i am happy to join you here, you all welcome
United States
Mina mby
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jus got ya msg, wus good

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Feeling the King

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hi hi sorry for the late are u ?

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Bitch don't write me no fuck ass bull shit like that. fuck you and that monkey standing beside you. you look like a man. you aint got nen betta to do, computer hoe!

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Hey Mina I just got your comment...definitley send me your e-mail and we chat from there...

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hey hun, thanks 4 da yahhoo.. but i dont have an yahoo account, i got MSN? Facebook?

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Hey hunni..sorry for taking so long to get back to you. How are you today? Hope everything is good. Get at me.

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am an artist.

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sup i really love ta keeep iin touch

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hey hun sliden 2 ya page watz gud nd yea u kan hmu itz or

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hey what's gud luv?,thanx 4 ur post,i appreaciate it...i'mma keep in touch

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how r u doing

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hey how u doin` ? Thank 4 ur invitation nd being so kind :)

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Are u on Face book?this my id (som maxwell)

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Hey Mina, how's you, you got twitter? Talk there:)

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whats good mina.... thanks for the frienship.. holla t mehomie check out our music on(

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hey wassup beautiful thx for the invitation i would like to get to kno u sweetheart u look pretty here is my email

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Hi how are you? Have read your mail. thanks, Are you also on

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bb use my bb pin is 24B638C3 add me

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I got your mail. .. thanks for your invitation.

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thats kinda awk

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Hello. I'm not very good writing in English, but happy to talk with you!

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i have seen your post

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hey got your message n be sure to send me your # n hopefully i will her from u sometime.have nice day

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Stop sending me friend request please! No I do not want to know you at all!

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Hey Mina .. got your message .. be sure to send me your # .. i'll call you right away ...

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Holla there cutie. Sorry I didn't get back atcha right after yah had posted yah comment. It's just that I haven't been on here as often as I used to due to all these stuff I have to do in order for me to prepare for school. So feel free to get back at me via my E-Mail: GEDSOTHEOPHILE@GMAIL.COM and I'll shoot yah my Cel for a more convenient ay to stay in touch. Have a marvelous day

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heey gotcha girl !! i added u on msn, nice to meet u mina ;)

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Well Thank mina lookin 4 ward

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mina u are cool nice to meet u too plz can we be more better friends?

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nice to met you to mina .
nd yea ill email youu sonn

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nice to meet ya but i dont have time to write an emails =|

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ok mina my email is

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Nice to meet you Mina, I will email and we can chat and hopefully develop a good friendship..

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nyc to meet you mina ...yo can e-mail me @

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Nce to meet you mina... :)

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nice to meet you, im always down for meeting new people :)

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glad to meet u,but promise me u won't tell me any wierd history,like yu're from south africa then u looking for someone to spend your life with...i want real friends you know.

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ok no problem it's always good to make new friends =)

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I do not want any contact from any females on this site. I am NOT LOOKING FOR FRIENDSHIP AT ALLL!!!!!!! DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN

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hi.. wsup hope u gud. am easy too.. thanks for being where are your snaps?