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Minnie Harris


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Minnie Harris
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I am very outspoken and intelligent. I am determined and i am empowered. I stand up for what i believe in. I walk for those who cant continue the journey and i talk for those without a voice. I am a proud member and volunteer of the Jamaica Red Cross and the Jamaica National Council on Drug Abuse. I am a youth representative and youth advocate. I speak on behalf of the young people. I looooove T.I....everybody who knows me should know that i am all about T.I. I am vibrant and comedic. you can never be bored around me. I love to smile and help others and as long as i can give back to life in a positive way, i will strive to do so.
Kaeonna Walters
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Everything T.I.


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yea i got the book too......congrats

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where have u been.....i doubled u in aint that many people thats going hard for a book......i have like 1700 post

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My inspiration to be greater...and be a fighter....thanks T.I.