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aint nothing
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look lil girl all u doing by leaving ur childish comments on my pro, is proving the fact that u need to seek professional help, from a mental clinc neer u!

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aint nothing about ur nasty dirty azz beautiful. so get that out ur head. aint shyt about ur mind thats beautiful u proved that wit ur comments on my profile. u just 1 ugly azz hoooooo. get a life and get out mine. u don't know me scank

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i see u aint got u pic up u must be a ugly hoooooooooooo. stay off my profile hatful biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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Say I just finally got a chance to read your comment about Diva4Real quess what I can really care less what you say about a Bitch Like Me I'm sooooo real! Don't Hate On My Opinion because if you do I have pin pointed U JUST RIGHT!!!!!!

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billion dollar bitch

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you bitch how dare u say that shit about my pits n u know what u are a strit up a hater u stupit n u say all that shit about me because u dont have a cute guye after u n hey i have plenty of hot sexy guys n u dont have anyone trying to do u or fuck u go stand in the coner so maybe someone may look at u u dont post any pics of yourself cause u ugly go do your self fucken dickshit bitch........

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Nahh!Bitch you start it the devil been roaming the earth anyway trying to fuck with and your stupid ass choose to be a part of crew!I don't play mind games neither do I play when comes down to playing it time to do the right thing!I am not your stupid ass!If you seen a 16 year old get illegally attack by the police with hands already in the air and maced your ass corrupt ass would say nothing but get mad when the case come to the light years later and you can't say nothing but get the hindering the apprehension and punishment of a criminal charge for break in the law all except for the that came forward and wasn't scared to speak up!I don't the fear against men bullshit ,but I do fear God!The mayor,mayor and municipal corporation, prosecuting attorney, Georgia of Governor, Judges, Chief of Police,Sheriff , and other unknown individuals still on the force and involved in theft by conversion committed by government employees and officers are violating oath and immunity and lying websites ,Hip-Hop,BET, Barack Obama and his/my adminstration, Olgethrope Community, 106 and Parks, RapCity/The Deal, and etc... hope they along with people enjoy prison!They killed themselves!The ex co workers except Ms .Miriam J. they feeling shitty!Bibb county L.E.C. deputies from the 2008 incident /Terrorism feeling shitty with Pleasant HIll and Central Highschool!

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The word of God don't save Satan! I know U mad Queen Babylon because you have low self esteem and no morals and values.OH! A law was passed after the Teens committed suicide in America all the way from cyber to school students harassing people!In my case the Emergency Response Providers and Critical Infrastructure ,Informants, local branch NAACP and Black organizations, false witnesses within general public, deadbeat father and his entire family, so-called church people, media contact and list , gang and organization informantes , except for Me and Barack Obama and my adminstration-my family -extended family-Olgethrope Community-America are aparty to the crime-conspirators-fugitives fleeing from justice involved in Terrorism starting with Sexual Abuse of a Minor a ward of the court under age 12, false and fabricated statments from 1988-1989 and checking their track record these bastards can't ever say I have no mental problem ,two people inside of me,Hip-Hop left me looking stupid all said the Emergency Response Providers,Critical Infastructure, mayor and mayor municipal corporation, cheif of police,sheriff,prosecuting attorney, governor of Georgia, using its employees-informantes-family and friends adding to Terrorism and Treason committed against Me and Barack Obama.I don't turn on my family-Extended family widow-fatherless children-stranger-none of mines period!I'm a servant of God nothing more nothingless! All three local colleges are partners and shareholders with the criminals when I be on their public computers they be in other rooms talking committing criminal defamation-stalking,harassment and communication,conspiracy to murder,party to crime,conspirators, fugitives fleeing from justice,Terrorism,they haven't done in 14 years since I was 13 years years old they've been supporting a deadbeat father and trying to get me to prosecute my birthmother side of the family for years and doing the same now!So Virgin Daughter Babylon read Isaiah 47 and kiss my ass!