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California born. Mississippi-Tennessee Raised and Hazed. Now in Da A and an U.S. Solider too, what more can I say.
Big movie watcher, be it theater or home...I can kill weekend doing that, when I have the time. Listen to music every waking moment, I literally can't function effectively in a work day w/out my music. I'm greedy as all get out...shout out to Benihana, Golden Corral, Dreamland BBQ and all surrounding steakhouses lol. Write thoughts, poems, etc...whatever feels the need to be inked out. Just dusted off the drawing skills, but I look to make some moves with it in the near future. I'm not a gym rat but I enjoy slanging the iron til I can't Arnold said, "there's nothing like the pump".
Favorite Bands: 
Too many to name, but if you go to my music selections you'll see what I don't listen
United States
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Favorite concert(s) would to have been Boyz II Men and MC Hammer!!! This was CooleyHighHarmony B2M @ the MS Gulf Coast Coliseum. They dropped the ceiling on this metal platform and hit the stage to Under Pressure. Man, we Trooped and Cabbage Patched all night. And 2 Legit 2 Quit Hammer with "I Go 2 Work" Kool Moe Dee (who's autograph I got & lost in a car wreck), KRS One/Stop the Violence MVMNT, Queen Latifah spit a lil UNITY in Jackson, MS...BANANAS!!! 1988-1991 was some good concert years. Oh how can i forget FRANKIE BEVERLY & MAZE, The OJAYs, etc. in Memphis for the TSU/MSU classic in 05...Youngstas, sit back and learn something!!! 09 Jazz In The Garden in Miami where I saw Teena Marie, Mary J, Robin Thicke, Noel Jardin, etc. Teena Marie had me GOING, she tore it DOWN...nothing but Jam after Jam after Jam!!! RIP T. Marie
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Don't do don't need to know what I'm
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Whatever makes the foot tap!!! Can ya Dig it!!!