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Omari Chambers


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Omari Chambers
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music, is all i really need in life
United States
Omari Chambers
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What's up, it's Taz, be sure to stop by and check out some of the latest things that have been happening in the Industry.

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deffinately think T.I. and Talib kweli should colab.

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10? facts about you
1.? You? are reading this? comment
2.You are? realizing? that? is a stupid? fact didn't notice? I skipped three.5 You're checking now
6. You're smiling
7.You are still? reading my comment
9 You didn't? realize I skipped eight
10. You're? checking? again and? smiling about how? you fell for? it again.
11.? You are? enjoying this 12. You didnt realize?? there? are only? supposed to be ten facts

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amazing T.I. and Drake Mix personaly i thnk they should def do this song in actuality

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finna cop TIP's book, look ligit, bsides gtta support ma dude

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I'm far from the man i used to be..praise God for that

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finally back on my profile, been a minute but all tht matters is im back, n goin harder then ever, remember everything tht dont kill you makes you stronger

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all her beautiful lies got me wrapped around her finger......but one thing she doesnt know......i know all about it

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