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Hi friend, i am happy meeting your profile, and i want to know you, if it is ok by you i will like you to write me through my email for easy communicating, i will be waiting for your respond to my email.
yous friend Mina

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very nice edits :]

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Ay nyc pic...

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like your picture and you're a real t.i fan like it too lol !

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Hi!)Ok, but we dont use msn)
How are you?)
In Ukraine situation not very cool)
and what about Sweden?)

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Hello! hope you had a good time today, myself, I start school today! We got a project right away! But I wanted to share with you a thing. I start blogging today, check out! It is in Swedish but use google translate: D Visit! and hope you will understand and enjoy it!

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I saw the movie takers last night at home. It is good shit! I liked it, well done T.I. 'm very impressed that the document was good. I laughed, cried, got angry many emotions. But I think I have never been so happy to see an actor aahaha, when t came into the picture, I was so happy hahaha. Everyone should see it!

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Hi! I`m Bohdan!)
it will be great if we pal up)
If you don`t mind here`s my mail :
Nice to Meet You)

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Hello! Now, at 0:58 in the Sweden and it's almost time to go to bed. Today I have been obsessed by listening to TI - Hell of a Life. I love that song! Happy out of listening to it. I tried to upload the video here but it did not, so you can check out on youtube:). A friend and I talked about today to save money to travel to the United States, has never been there. The only reason I travel to the United States is for me to see the TI Live! so I hope he makes a tournament soon or if anyone knows anything please tell me! .. But the U.S. trip, might be sometime in April! That's when my birthday, 21 years:) ..
But tomorrow I'll study for I have another exam this Saturday, so I will just sit and listen to TI hahaha .. Peace!!

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Hello! I'm back again! Have been to Spain and celebrated Christmas and New Year with family. I can not complain because the weather was much better than what it was in Sweden. Now I am atleast in the cold country, minus - 6 brrrr! In Spain it was 10 degrees! I had no internet, computer or mobile phone, I could not stop listening to TI - Pledge Allegiance To The Swag, thanks to my ipod! I am grateful for the comments! It would be fun to get some more:) For I see that I have received 17 visitors, so you can also add a comment hehe:) Thanks for the compliment Dennis!! Now I'll study! I have exams in a week! peace!!!

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Since I'm olso new here, I wanna be the first to say
welcome to the trap. Wish Ya all the best from Sarajevo, Bosnia!
P.S. In wich city you are maybe we could meet?
I will come to Sweden soon i have some family there.
Nice job on the pics keep it up!!
If you wanna know something more about me be free to ask me.
It will be a pleasure to talk to ya.

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have exam tomorrow! I´ll get up at 6:30! GOOD NIGHT!!

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Ill do that:)

good morning! The time is 10:51 in Sweden and the first thing I wake up with was with TI I´m Back! But right now I´m listening to; What up what´s haapnin :)

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go to my proflie andd check out my videos

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You can love me our you can leave me before you judge me, let me be me!! T.I. THE KING!!! good night clock is 00.07 in Sweden!!

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The best rapper!!