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Sandy Ann Benavides-Teixeira


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Sandy Ann Benavides-Teixeira
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A picture of a lotus can be a meaningful and powerful symbol for women's recovery. The lotus rises from muddy waters to blossom. Although it grows with its roots deep in the mud, it emerges pure and unblemished. It unfolds gradually, one petal at a time, to blossom in the sunlight. The mud can symbolize murky beginnings, the material world, or the darkness of addiction. The water can symbolize experience, transition, or recovery. The lotus can symbolize the purity of the soul, rebirth, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. For thousands of years, the lotus has been associated with spiritual practices in many religious traditions. It also symbolizes detachment from worldly desires and illusions. I see the lotus as a symbol of women's recovery. Recovery is a transformational experience. When a woman recovers, she is able to say, "Who I am today is not who I was," The elegant and beautiful lotus flower that emerges from the mud is the beautiful woman within.
Balconies Heights
United States
Sandy Ann Benavides
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Hip Hop, R&B and Old School


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