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I love to be heard and seen. I sing,write,dance,and act. I am a single mother of four children I love to cook and have fun thats how I stay alive keep life fun. I'm a firm believer in God with out him I wouldn't be nothing.
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Sheria Walters
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Vibrant Salon

Shoes were always, always a big thing,
On the major avenues.
Shoes were big, but bigger then ever- they were vibrant.
Vibrant, and full as Hollywood Avenue itself.
The avenue everyone who was anyone heard of.
Hollywood Avenue .
It was Ms. Maam to Mrs. Vibrant Salon
The salon that “snap-fingers at, shoes”

Vibrant Salon was like Capital Records, Capital Bank, the state capital-
Too; high paid employment, beautiful men, women with big dreams and a lot of time to shop.

The entrance to the hottest car parking lots, hotels and restaurants
Vibrant Salon had it all, absolutely-
They had young girls who wanted boyfriends
Women who sold; perfumes, coats jewelry out of their cars-

Vibrant Salon was way large, but more so-
It was vibrant
Unique color; with abstract matching patterns
Creative arts with the frame work included
That came from far away lands.
Salon professionalism and the sexiest apolstry.

Vibrant Salons
Vibrant and large
Salon like arcilicture
And salon like fame
Vibrant and unique
Hand polished and full of professionalism
Vibrant Salon had it all-
Older girls that had been presented awards
Vibrant finger nail polish that made your feet look Hollywood Avenue worthy
They were the ones that were “all that”
“All that and Vibrant”
Salon like professionalism and vibrant Hollywood attitude

Vibrant Salon,