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What you are about to read is not because I am trying to be famous off of this website, this is coming from the heart. I am older now, and I have a lot more to say. I am 16 years old. Yes, I have not been in this world very long, but I have long enough to know right from wrong and to know what I want. I want people to see that I am not a rapper talking about the typical stuff such as partying, making money, sex, or drugs, nor do I feel the need to use profanity in my music. Not long ago I was just a confused little girl listening to the type of music that others suggested I should "slap". Something in the back of my head was telling me that this wasn't right. This isn't me. People were also telling me what to rap about and how I should do music, with an instrument, in a group, or with another person, under their shadow. But never mind that, bottom line, I am a young MC who makes HER OWN MUSIC, and supports those who POSITIVELY wants to do what is best for them as well. One love ;T
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Hip-Hop, R&B


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