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Taz Dawriter
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A number of people's topic of choices is the music videos. Everyone wants to see their favorite music video that one more time. There are some I would like to hear too if anyone has space on the playlist. Chillin' and Krakin' Funnies. I enjoy simple things as well as the complex. A relaxing day with a close one would suffice. I spend much of my time researching various topics. I like (Chillin and Crakin' Funnies) to be comedic at times. A short synopsis of this is simply to find gratification by way of sophistication. To design eye catching creations that demonstrate great performance. Some examples are to figuratively look into people’s personal dreams. Another is to do things that are special to them like celebrations around holidays or new or repeated personal favorites. Music has a lot of classics that have been repeated over the years, trios and quartets who demonstrate success by makings hits that mirror general genuine ways of happiness.
Mostly, I like to do typical things. I am an athlete. I have always been energetic. I like a balance though I am always thinking about the ones I am close too after that I like to get a good amount of work accomplished. I come through for all the hommies when they want to do things on the weekends. I listen to music with them. In my spare time I keep up with MTV. MTV has kept their viewers attention over the years MTV has created various television productions that display and showcase talented individuals who like music. A number of people's topic of choices is the music videos.
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Dirty Money, Ruff Ryders, and Young Money
United States
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Who Knew It Took All That

We can all say what it is we think matters
It takes all that to feel better
I express myself through making it all better
But, I like nice things
Fancy trips and Shopping Sprees
Things that make me feel good are new shoes
I want to go where everyone wants to toast drinks with me
It takes all that
I like to express myself through making it all better
Fancy Trips, and attractive people
I want to go where everyone wants to toast drinks with me
When hospitality is second nature, to the places that make satisfying pleasures what it is about
It takes all that

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Before having read your profile information, I took it as you are a writer. Very inspirational and very lovely. Very sweet to the ears, and touches the heart. Sweeps me off my feet. Continue to write the way you do, for it may save lives and liven up broken spirits. Thank you for your inspiration.

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You are quite a poet. Thank you for that wonderful poetry.

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Hi Taz,
It's Mizanti... I liked your metropolitan setting I feel the exuberance of its structure, grace and verve. I'd like to hear more about Taz Dawriter.
As Always My Prayers and Thoughts are sent envelope "The King" like a Spirit-filled mantle resting upon his responsibility-laden shoulders that he may be able to execute his plans and carry on to his place of destiny. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vibrant Salon

Shoes were always, always a big thing,
On the major avenues.
Shoes were big, but bigger then ever- they were vibrant.
Vibrant, and full as Hollywood Avenue itself.
The avenue everyone who was anyone heard of.
Hollywood Avenue .
It was Ms. Maam to Mrs. Vibrant Salon
The salon that “snap-fingers at, shoes”

Vibrant Salon was like Capital Records, Capital Bank, the state capital-
Too; high paid employment, beautiful men, women with big dreams and a lot of time to shop.

The entrance to the hottest car parking lots, hotels and restaurants
Vibrant Salon had it all, absolutely-
They had young girls who wanted boyfriends
Women who sold; perfumes, coats jewelry out of their cars-

Vibrant Salon was way large, but more so-
It was vibrant
Unique color; with abstract matching patterns
Creative arts with the frame work included
That came from far away lands.
Salon professionalism and the sexiest apolstry.

Vibrant Salons
Vibrant and large
Salon like arcilicture
And salon like fame
Vibrant and unique
Hand polished and full of professionalism
Vibrant Salon had it all-
Older girls that had been presented awards
Vibrant finger nail polish that made your feet look Hollywood Avenue worthy
They were the ones that were “all that”
“All that and Vibrant”
Salon like professionalism and vibrant Hollywood attitude

Vibrant Salon,

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Stop by some of the biggest things going on out there. There is a lot going on with R&B and Hip-hop, is the place to get a lot of what is new. Beyonce has released her album 4, “Me, myself, I” check out along with this radio station is BET. They keep us informed on all the need to know, and newly released. Estelle now has a song with Rick Ross. is telling us the news on her husband T.I.
What's up check out something that is really hot right now, a sure fire winner and highly anticipated. This artist is someone we hope will be giving us these big collaborations for a long time now. I think that ever since the beginning we all new she brings not only the most trendiest, but she knows so, so much about music that we just always want more and more. I am happy with everything I have heard from her thus far and really and want to myself know what it is she will bless us with.
The place to stop by to know what is going to happen between now and when the album that is due to be released soon, is in stores (Lil Wayne’s album THA CARTER IV).

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I tried to watch the episodes on Bet of Tiny and Toya

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Everyone loves the music from the 9o’s because of artists such as, Naughty by Nature, Silk, LSG and; ladies like Mary J, Blige, SWV and Salt-n-Pepa. I happen to like all that and more current what’s been going on lately. Beyonce, again was nominated for a Grammy, that is always good, we are all in the biz when it comes to her and the Jigga. Kelly Rowland is in the studios again (Kelly Rowland's album Here I Am), she been rocking the charts and holding it down and we like to keep up with what’s going on with her and Lisa Raye McCoy (Da Brat’s sister) ever since we saw them on 106 and Park, a show that airs weekdays on Bet. Monica and Keyshia Cole made recent album releases, Atlanta is on fire they have the music that is hot and a Football team that is send a lot of people to the pro-bowl (go ATL). Ti and Wayne are still doing it big, they have demonstrated their skill by doing clothes and signing artist. They are what’s up. We want to hear more from them and the guy, Ludacris. Ludacris has been coming through, giving great music with again; Trina, Eve and Trey Songz. We look for those who make appearance on TV, Radio and other forms of media so that we can let them know we like that they appreciate hip-hop and give us great shows

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Liveliness and the spotlight

Liveliness and the spotlight

She comes wearing the flashest

All the young ones want to know if she is going to do anything on Friday night

Everyone got a brother that she should date

All of her friends are popular and smart

She is the First Lady of her crowd

Everyone's mother thinks she is so cute

She got a good example for everything

Liveliness and the spotlight

She got the best answer in the room all the time

Everyone likes her

Everyone who got a brother, knows her

She got a really sporty body and always dresses like a lady

Liveliness and the spotlight