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T!p Punk LaDy


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T!p Punk LaDy
About Me: 
im trying..2 stand up when im bleeding..ifeel so broken..and im falling again..and trying 2 understand..why the life so hard..i c my self bleeding..but i cant help my self..icant stand up all by my self..i cant help my self..i cant fix my heart..just..sick of everything..cant take it much pain.. heeey all am memoo i like 2 have a new friendz just like u all am here in this site just 2 have friendz not to find my real (love) okiii .......<<<<<<<............>>>>>>>................<<<<<<<.........<<<<<<.......<<<<< Lo0o0oVe U alll (of alll the lover i have ever meet u r the one i want 2 forget and if i die i will die befor u do and go to the heavin an wait for u Lo0ove starts with smile graw with a kiss ends with a tear **Gracyes
United Arab Emirates
Favorite Music: 
pop and hiphop also rap