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I am a single mother of two out here just trying to make it. Blessed to see everyday of it!!! We love you so much T.I.!!! You have brought my family through a tough time and you don't even know it! My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age 6 (he is now 10) and he always loved listening to you prior to surgery but when he woke up after his 6 hr surgery he didn't say much to anyone. I must say this had me scared and unsure as to what he remembered but his dad made him some cds with your music on it and when he listened, he started bobbing his head and I knew my baby was ALRIGHT:)! I just said all of that to say "Thank YOU" for being you and that he loves you very very much and if he ever has the opportunity to meet you it would be a great one indeed! Though most of his eyesight is gone and he is on many different medications he is the most loving son a mother could ever want just like the person he admires the most-YOU! His uncle is Mr.85 I'm sure you've heard of him:)
Virginia Beach
United States
Felita McGee
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Rap, R&B, Jazz