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Not many people are built to last in the music industry of today.  It is even harder if you are a rapper.  One can't simply rely on skill anymore; you have to be dedicated to the daily grind and able to master writing catchy club anthems without losing one's street image.  Wispers is truly one of a dying breed.  Since starting Code of Silence Entertainment (C.O.S. Ent.) in 2003 Wispers has caught the ear of industry heavyweights such as DJ Sickamore, OG Ron C, Riggs Morales & Jon Gottlieb thru the releases of his singles and mixtapes.  He estimates about 15,000 of his cd’s have hit the streets over the years building his reputation as of the leaders of the new East Coast era.  All this while serving time in federal prison and witnessing the death of his brother in shooting that nearly left Wispers paralized.  Wispers is the man every girl wants and who every rapper wants to be.
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yes tell somemore about it. to work your own words that you make up on your own as thats taking by this other entertainer he also a good entertainer as well. he makes his own thats all that counts. thats whats up fill you on your dying breed. good spending the time hearing for you. its all good you got a story to tell thats whats been taught in the first place yopu did an you won

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happy birthday there is the week off the king

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great place to be i must say myself as i gaze in to your eyes true on to look at to be the wispers as you go along

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welcome to trapmuzik