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I am a junior attending Northwestern. I live and love the city of Chicago! Our life is what we make of it with the blessing of God. I intend to make my life worth living. I love jazz, scary movies,action movies and volunteering. I plan to step into the political arena at some stage in my life,but first I would like to take my place alone with those as guardian of the children. (meaning I want to be a Guardian Ad Litem, acts as the trustee for the benefit of the child. .. attorney) I am very happy single. I am a biracial female,working part time as a flight attendent for American Airlines,while I finish school. I love comedy. My favorite comedian was Bernie Mac (team chicago). I love the risk of all outdoors sports. I listen to the very young,because you see the truth as life is from their Innocent minds. I listen to old,because they are life's history. Everybody else is just here. I DID NOT JOIN THIS SITE FOR A LOVE CONNECTION OR SEEKING FRIENDSHIP. I AM NOT INTO FEMALES.
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you say you should weed out all the people looking for a relationship yet you post a sexy picture of yourself that gets guys attention and you put your whole entire life on this thing... lol you make no sense

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hey girl :)

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hey what's good,girl!!

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you keep looking good every time im on this site

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you ever good but how are you and ever ever cute hi justin mail any

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you look good mama