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Yung Bklyn


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Yung Bklyn
About Me: 
Yung Bklyn AKA Bklyn On The Beat comes out of Brooklyn, New York growing up in this borough is really hard you have to fight to survive that's what made him the person he is today. Growing up Yung Bklyn was always into music from Whodini, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane ETC and he had a passion for music he love the whole culture of music. As Yung Bklyn got older he started to get into the music game started free-styling to recording mix tapes and producing beats for his self and label mates as well. You never know what to expect from Yung Bklyn his heart is into music and he breathes music that's what kept him out of trouble. Yung Bklyn once took the wrong road being on the streets seeing things he seen growing up doing bad came very easy for him, Watching his father, family and friends all going to jail to losing friends by gun shots just took its toll on Yung Bklyn. Yung Bklyn currently works out of the studio Engineering, Producing, Directing And making music of his choice.
new york
United States
Yung Bklyn
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Jay-z. Fabolous, T.I.P, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, J-Cole, Kanye West