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yung swegga


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yung swegga
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South Africa
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Hi friend, i am happy meeting your profile, and i want to know you, if it is ok by you i will like you to write me through my email for easy communicating, i will be waiting for your respond to my email.
yous friend Mina

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I'm thr yung swegga dropng linez so varsd it wll lve thr world unbalence
yeh yung swegga blazing flamez makng it big like 2pac big money big car'z big dreamz
ha ha ha facebook as my stage my voice as weapon of mass destruction

yung swegga yung swegga on thr beat dropn linz
nd makng it big yeh god as my i sharl take thr world 2 haven back
yeh 2 niggaz hu thought i couldn't make it big niggaz drop dad coz am on top of thr world

I'm on top nd i cn neva go bck ',n if i bck dwn
I 4eva burn 4r success arming high gve me the
MIC nd let me unleash infernal infernos so fear me or fear nt die my linez go through speakers like bullet through skin
i dnt play thr game i ace thr game hala $$$