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Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown

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on October 18, 2010 - 11:38am

Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown

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ravneet's picture

awesomee song

Babycheeks1's picture

Love this song, when my love got ran up in the funnies and I was looking at being guilty because of association and my reputation was online. This song gave me the strenght to hold my head up high, put a smile on my face! THXS for the song and lyrics!

mimoco's picture

Look around .....

T.I.P's picture

GET BACK UP IS THE SHIT SOUTH SIDE TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natiboo_2011's picture

Everything u have been thru Tip, u always find a way to get back up. U r human just like the rest of us. Everyone makes mistakes. I will always have ur back, no matter what. U will always b tha king n my eyes. I will always love u and never leave u. Ur #1 fan.....Natalie

Fredresha's picture

T.I you are my number #1 fan tip i no everybody just hate on you but you JUST GET BACK UP and BRUSH THE DIRT OFF YOUR JERSEY i just want you to no tip that i never stop lovin your music and yea like you said in your song we are going to miss you and thats wat im doing missin my #1 fan T.I.P. (CLIFFORD HARRIS) better known as T.I. THE KING i never stop giving you the RESPECT but i just keep my head up high because i no you will be back doin you yo family an your music and i will be up here everyday to keep people leading you on gettin you more fans that really like your music not any fake friends or fake fans.
LOVE AND R.E.S.P.E.C.T your #1 FAN Fredresha

Nico'o Nambahu's picture

ya rockin King!!!!!

LLOYD_2's picture

you really good!!!!!!

Philemon Kamna's picture

You real goood King..

aaa2415's picture

Loved the song! I guess we are about to do another year! (YES, YOUR TRUE FANS WILL BE WAITING ON YOU TO GET BACK) Keep your head up, we know your are not perfect and everyone makes mistakes! Keep your spirits up, don't forget about us and we will never forget about you! God Bless you and your Family

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Wendy Truong's picture

TIP, I never lose respect for you or my faith in you! You will be greatly missed, but I know you'll be back because you always get back up!!! I'll be waiting for your return. You will always be in my prayers! Stay Safe!

jamesm's picture

I like this song T.I.

DeeGlow's picture

I LOVE THE SONG! This is exaclty why I am the diehard T.I. Fan that I am! This song goes hard! "Spitting real life on hot beats Tip's the truth at"! "Never mind my imperfections this is fact, remember that, No mistakes too great to recover and bounce back" THAT'S RIGHT! You tell em!
I love you Tip and I will ALWAYS be a fan! My support for you will NOT cease no matter what situations or circumstances manage to get thrown your way because this is the time when you need us the most! Some may turn their back, but that only means that they were NEVER true fans from the jump but i will NEVER turn my back on you Tip! I got your back! And like i told you at the Axe Concert when I was in the front row when you asked who was going to see Takers and i said i was going to be in the front row, i will sit in that front row and wait patiently for your return to hip hop! And I have your towel to remind me of the sweetest artist i ever came in contact with! =)
Keep your head up Tip and know that GOD loves you and he knows your struggle. Just remember to keep the faith. I will be here ad #TeamTip will be here waiting patiently for your return. We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. We love you! We'll miss you! But we know that after this little "hiatus" you GET BACK UP and be right back ON TOP OF THE WORLD!
Love always Tip! You #1 fan! Danika.