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B.o.B - So Good [Official Audio]


MattLantic's picture
on February 21, 2012 - 10:45am


"So Good" is now available at iTunes HERE.


The Goon's picture

Nice Beat. Extremely pretentious lyrics ....though!

'Smile....!! pack your'll be gone for a while' ...!!

Considering your intending to fuel her fantasies ....most definitely providing her head with enough slides..for her development .. while you paint her pretty pictures...! But eventually...bust her wide open ..... and if her songs to you is whack! ...... You'll simply be-head her; and she becomes an addition to your mixed tape collection.
Tell me my brother! .... What the fuck should she be SMILING about??

Just like Jennifer Hudson says....'taking her to the clouds....then she wakes up in the dirt'...
Nah! the lyrics are for sure pretentious.....Not everyone is a bloody morone my brother!