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New Music: 'Here Ye, Hear Ye' ft. Sk8brd


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on October 20, 2011 - 8:00pm

Listen here and let Tip what you think of the track below! Cop the mp3 from iTunes or from Tip's official webstore now! #KingBack


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yo bredrin its awesum i swear this track tha first day when it come up, 20seconds afta it come out i was like tha 4 or 5 viewer, TIP went hard on his verse hes like talkin bout his life, yeaah we back on it cuh, we goin nonstop but cant wait to hit tha streets witchu upcomin shit just keep brinqin patna #TeamT.I.

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Our photo is beautiful too >> 'Here Ye, Hear Ye I'm vibe this music Lol

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You amaze me. I had to keep listening, because I'M hearing an uptown flavor in this flow. Your creativity is the key. We don't know what to expect. I like the real life twist you put on it. I liked this track, but there's something missing. I felt you holding back. Damn the public and their sympathy, DO YOU! DON'T FALL INTO THAT ACCEPTANCE CRAP. IT WILL KILL YOUR CAREER. STEP OUT WITH THE BOLDNESS AND BRASHNESS THAT YOU HAD BEFORE. If only I could talk to you in person... I'M SENSING SOMETHING ELSE..DON'T LET 'EM KILL YOUR SPIRIT. THAT'S THE GOAL. THE NEXT TRACK HAS GOT TO BE LOUDER AND HARDER. THE KING HAS NOT BEEN DETHRONED. SHOW'EM WHO MADE THIS CITY. ATL IS ALL YOURS....OWN IT! P.S. I LIKE THE FACT THAT YOU SHOWED YOUR CREATIVITY, BUT I DON'T WANT YOU TO SWITCH STYLES TOO SOON. REMEMBER, THAT'S THE REASON WHY WE MADE YOU KING. DON'T TRY TO SATISFY US. SATISFY YOURSELF FIRST AND THE REST WILL FLOW. LISTEN TO ME NOW...:)

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I can't wait for the next album! Adversity shows a man's true character and I like what I see of TIP. Keep moving forward, foot in front of the other. BTW, I vote for "KillIing the King" as your next album's title. HERE YE, HEAR YE!!!

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Great song glade to hear great music from the King

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King is at it again! Now definitely this is not a "Paper Trail" flow, but it shed some light on T.I.'s marvelous skills on switching styles. (compare N***** in Paris Remix to, say, No Mercy, We don't get down like y'all).. Great stuff, Tip. Keep it up!

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This is the T.I. I missed Tip on his Tupac Flow

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Great song. keep goin at it tip.

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Nice cover art and the song is hardcore and real. I will dig that always as long as it is done with good lyricism and it is.

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this song has a lot of real shit in it from tip! love the song!

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ill admit this is pretty good shit but im hopin ur music will be like how it was from paper trails and before. Mercy was ok but i love old ur old stuff lets see if u can get some of that old shit into here.

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its an amazing song!!! thanks for everything T.I. and stay out of trouble we dont want you to go back to prison. God bless you and stay strong, keep workin on your music and being a great father as well. Much love from Europe! Respect the KING!

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its a dope!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn king is fucking back .... old school beat with some tigth rapper cant deny this is the shit »!