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NO MERCY #1 (Video)


  • November 12, 2010
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    NO MERCY #1 (Video)
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    Pre-order the new album NO MERCY featuring guest appearances from Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Trey Songz, Young Dro, Kid CuDi, The-Dream, Rocko, Scarface, Chris Brown and more! 12/7 #NoMercy

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on November 12, 2010 - 11:12am

Pre-order the new album NO MERCY featuring guest appearances from Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Trey Songz, Young Dro, Kid CuDi, The-Dream, Rocko, Scarface, Chris Brown and more! 12/7 #NoMercy


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Tip, YOU ARE JUST GIFTED-POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!:):) GOD got you Sweetie, so continue to put HIM first and keep your trust and faith in HIM. If GOD be for you, who can be against you? Stay strong in knowing that there's absolutely nothing that can separate you from the love of GOD. This song is very inspirational and I love it!! Don't mind Satan cause your relationship with GOD is all that matters!!:)

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I like the preview of the new album. I just celebrated my birthday 11-16 so this is a great late birthday gift. I can not wait till the album go on the store shelves.

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Can anybady plz write down here what he says cuz i find hard to understand some words! thnx!
It's the king biatch! n he's back fo real! No mercy! the best

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Luved the preview, I feel u in a lot of areas, but to go up higher some people, things, and situations you have to let go. U are right have no mercy to them undercover hates and do u!!!! Diva4Real!

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???! ?????? ???? !!

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I'm down with you Tip! "No Mercy" is on my Christmas list!!! keep it pimpin and keep it real. Grand Hustle PSC!!!

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Kid Cudi yea

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wow this is so cool, can't wait 4 the album...

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also Christina Aguilera

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cool video
the guest appearances is sounding very good right now.
cant wait!!

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cant wait !

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can't wait for No Mercy!!! its the king bitch! Tip is the best of the best. && the album will be a nice half birthday present :)

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Can wait for No Mercy.. I mean T.I.. if i had a chance to talk to you or just go to your concert.. I live in czech republic in Europe so there is a really small chance for you to come here.. but if you comeone day I will be in teh first row!! you are amazing. Good luck with everything!! and thank you for everything!

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i can't waiittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ur songs !!!!!

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t.i. is mi favorite rapper. mi biggest dream is ta one day go ta a concert or maybe even meet him he is a great rapper n will continue to get bigger. i got you in mi prayers n on mi mind. hope you get through yer situations strong minded wit yer head up high cuz you still inspire me to look ta tha future n not let nothin in mi way. i love you t.i.

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No Mercy will be your best album! And the 7 December is so far away! I can't wait...

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T.I. is da King and hell yeah No Mercy is gonna be bomb

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Man i cant wait till No Mercy!!!! Dec 7 gone hank. T.I. KING!!!!!!!!!

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Love your music, I can't say I'm happy or sad to see ya wanting to be an actor, but I will miss the music....all the shit ya been through, it's so real, but it's just mistakes, and I applaud you for realizing that, but also recognizing you need God's forgiveness, that shit is deep....

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I was a fan from the beginning and I will continue to be 1 until the end....IT'S THE KING BIIIIIIIITCH

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T.I., I think what you are experiencing is hard but I am proud of your approach to all of your issues. Keep up the good work and stay strong. Those that matter will be there with you in the end and those that aren't never mattered to begin with.

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Can't wait for No Mercy ;)